Monday, March 30, 2009

I Heart Faces - Pet Entry

I really struggled on this entry.. I have the cutest puppy, but hopefully there will be another pet entry I just had to enter this image..The rules say it had to be a pet didn't say who's pet.. This is Mike VI from LSU.. he lives on campus and enjoys the good life, after visiting Mike two weeks ago I captured this image by luck... Peyton kept saying "It's a big Mario!" which cracked me up.. Peyton owns a male cat named Mario, he is full of life. I guess to a ten year old a tiger and a cat could be the same if you over look the size difference.. To check out other Pet images be sure to skip over I heart faces..


  1. Your pet entry could eat my pet entry for breakfast in mre ways than one. GREAT shot.

  2. Oh THAT's AWESOME!! My hubby owns a Bengal tiger-I'll have to enter a picture of her the next time they do pets!!

    GREAT picture!

  3. Loooove it! That was such a fun day and this shot as well as many of the others you took totally ROCK! :)