Thursday, March 5, 2009


Told you I would catch up...
This was my favorite, but I didn't feel conifdent to enter it. So I decided to play with picnik to see what it could do to a photo...This was the final result... :)
This shot was one of many taken for I Heart Faces Peyton and I had fun in the chalk..

This shot is also from JumpStart National Team Training Camp.. I love this shot of the girls, a team coach was talking to them about expectations and I love the different expressions on each child... You can see what they are thinking...


  1. Hooray, you did it!! I really like that first one too AND I love the editing on it! How fun that Peyton is such a willing model for you, thumbs up & high five for her!!! The expressions on the little ones faces are PRICELESS, I'll bet their parents would like a copy of that.

    Hugs & Blessings!

  2. Missy those are great!! I really love that first one of Pey... well, and the second... I am just a littel biased I suppose. haha!

  3. Great shots! Like them all!

    P.S. e-mail me for the new code for the button!!!