Sunday, March 8, 2009


This is my assignment shot I figured since we were taking picture of architecture why not take this opportunity to remind people of the devistation of Hurricane Katrina. These shots are from my neighborhood. The collage below is from my neighborhood.. the upper left is my favorite image of rubble and the only thing standing is the mailbox irronic.. Upper right was the house next to my condo.. lower left was my street, and lower right was my nieghborhood's water tower you can see the base at the bottom of the image and the tower a good 50 feet away... Amazing how powerful a storm can be. Since Katrina I have moved 30 miles west irronically even closer to more devastation.. But this is my home and even though it has changed drastically it will always be home..

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  1. great! I didn't need any reminders, because now that I live in the BR area...that is all anyone talks about. Before Katrina, Post Katrina, or because of Katrina! I had to have a passport to get a bank account because of Katrina....really, don't get me started!
    Anyway- sorry for your losses....nice shots.